I was like a kid opening presents when I got these albums in! They are so stunning. I'm so excited to offer new premium albums that have so many more options to personalize to each couple and their wedding! I also have new 8x8 guest books with the same quality. They are really stunning and will last for generations! Every bride now gets an album with her wedding, I think it is so important have your pictures where you can see and share them instead of just on the computer. These new albums will look great on your coffee table!

Below are the three sizes available. An 8x8 guest book or album. The album in the top left hand corner that is open with the yellow band across is what my 11-11-11 bride is using for her guest book!

Each album will lay flat with thick sturdy pages, and the option to imprint names and dates on the cover or spine.  Below you can see the metal cameo available for each album as well.

Here is a comparison of two albums for the same couple.  The one on the left is what Tiffany, the bride, ordered. The album on the right is what I ordered for my sample. You can see there are many different ways to choose a cover that is unique to you and I can help you out with that! I have swatches so you can see and feel what each material feels like, or looks like next to each other. Each album also comes with a slipcover to help you keep it protected.I wanted to compare my old, ugly, boring, and plain albums with the new.  The materials are better, the binding is better, and overall the new albums will last longer and look prettier. Before I had few options for covers, imprinting, and no option for an image on the front.It's hard to see, but the new pages are much thicker and more durable than the older albums I offered. You can see how the binding is different and the cover just looks, well, much better!