Kim is my BFF, sister from another mother, long time previous coworker/Hobby Lobby slave. I photographed her wedding in May 2005, it was my first wedding ever to photograph. She bought me a 1 GB memory card, back when they were $100, and I shot it on my Canon Rebel XT that cost $1000. I was downloading images on my really awful laptop at the time, and I went through every image one by one in Photoshop. I didn't know any better! Plus so many programs that are available today weren't available back then. I didn't know any better, but what I did know was that they deserved great photographs and I kinda knew what I was doing - ish. But I think those are still some of their favorite images, because it was of the happiest day of their life (so far). The have family photos of so many important people to them, they have photos to remind them of their love when it gets hard, and images to show their children  and grandchildren of their wedding day. That's important! However, I must say, I have failed. Until this year, it had been over 7.5 years since I took their portraits, 7.5 years since they had photos of just the two of them, 7.5 years that I had a camera and didn't use it to document someone I love sooo much. This was LONG overdue, but it happened at the perfect time because just a week before they found out they are expecting! :D Yay! I'm not going to let this kiddo go by undocumented. Birth, Newborn, Family, 1 year birthday, ect, I am going to try my darndest to be there!

Anywho, on the Kim and James. We took these in Sherman, Texas just a few places around the area where my parents live. It was a gorgeous day.