At the end of October beginning of November Seth and I embarked on our 18 day #pinsonworldtour which was a whirlwind. We saw so much and yet didn't have enough time to see everything on our list! Honestly, there is so much to share, so I envision this being a lot of blog posts to cover it all! We left from Wichita Falls to DFW and then to CDG (Paris). If you are planning yourself I highly recommend getting a frequent flyer number and picking an airline that is the most convenient for you. We always fly out of WF and that means American is our airline. We fortunately had a non stop flight to Paris which was awesome. If you are long-legged I'd highly recommend splurging on getting the main cabin extra, which is beyond worth it for a long flight. pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0374.jpg Here is our first view of Paris after arriving at our apartment. If we stuck our heads out the window we could see the Eiffel Tower! Here is the apartment we stayed at in Montemartre, it was beautiful, sleeping with the windows open, I felt like it was home for a few days. pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0375.jpg The first day we were really jet lagged so we didn't do much, except nap and wander around the Champs Elysees and Montemartre.

pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0376.jpg Had to have some macaroons from La Duree!

pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0378.jpg pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0377.jpg pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0380.jpg pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0381.jpg pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0382.jpg pinson-world-tour-paris-photographer-trip-of-a-lifetime_0383.jpg