Happy New Year!!!!

I'd like to start this post by saying that I am way behind on blogging. I haven't blogged several weddings, my favorite birth of all time, a bunch of personal stuff, and more. Therefore, my new years resolution is to blog a whole lot more. To create a habit of it. I would love a few nudges along the way if I don't blog, or some "hey, we are reading this" as some encouragement.

On to a few of my favorite people, moments, and photos of the year. There are a ton and this post doesn't even begin to cover them all! I've been so fortunate this year to do the most of what I love the most, which is couples, brides, and weddings. But I have really enjoyed the few other sessions I've taken this year like a birth, a few familys and more. I hope 2013 is as amazing as 2012 was for me, if not even better. I already have some amazing couples on the books for next year and I can't wait! Thank you all for making 2012 so amazing!

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