Kenda and Brandt officially became a “Mr. and Mrs.” on October 21st. This was a one-of-a-kind wedding day which happens to be one of our most memorable and sweetest wedding days to date. This is such a great and relaxed couple that are so in love and don’t let anything get them down. Believe me, they had opportunities to be upset given their uncontrolled circumstances but these just aren’t the kind of people! I’m going to have to bring you along with us throughout their day and the story Kenda and Brandt will be sharing for a lifetime.

To start, the weather and its overcast skies weren’t quite cooperating for the big day but it turned out to be as bright as can be when Kenda and Brandt first saw each other on their wedding day. These two are so in love and it showed when they shared their first wedding day moment together, the first touch, on either side of the door outside the chapel of First Assembly of God in Vernon, Texas. They were later wed in a beautiful ceremony in front of many friends and family members that finished with style as they were led away in a Model T, with bling. Yes, I said bling! What else would you call a glossy turquoise Model T with polished brass and wood accents?

We followed Kenda and Brandt as they raced to the reception trying to beat the incoming storms. (Did I mention the Model T was a convertible?) They made it to the reception venue just in time for the driver to escape just before the storms hit the area on the outskirts of town. Success! Everyone’s here, planners already have everything going, DJ’s playing music and Branding Iron has set up their famous barbecue. The wedding party starts the grand entrance and pair by pair they all come in leading to the bride and groom. Everything is going off without a hitch and the tough part is over, they’ve escaped the storms and made it safely inside. As dinner is served rain started beating the metal roof and didn’t seem to be showing any sign of letting up anytime soon.

Wedding guests cleared the floor as an acoustic guitar started playing and Kenda and Brandt began their first dance as husband and wife. This was one of those beautiful moments as they danced beneath the sounds of the guitar and soft voice of the live performers. Then the lights cut out and the speakers ceased making sounds… We saw an iPhone LED flashlight kick on across the dance floor and then a couple more, and one by one guests started raising their phones and turning on their smartphone LED’s. The trend kept going as lights started to encircle us surrounding the bride and groom with light. The newly married couple continued the dance in the unconventional light not letting anyone know if they had even really noticed the lights going out. It was a setting right out of a cheesy romantic comedy

Photography: Lauren Pinson Photography

Ceremony Location: First Assembly of God

Reception Location: La Hacienda Avitia

Coordinator: Amy Pounds

Videography: Doyle Close

Florist: C&N

Cake: Anita Miller

DJ: Brian Pounds

Make-up: Rikki Kelley

Hair: Trebby Stoup

Caterer: Branding Iron Barbeque

Wedding Gown: Bridal Bliss 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Mens Wearhouse 

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