Hi, I'm Lauren!

I'm a passionate, full time photographer with a Fine Art degree and I've been lucky enough to be covering weddings spanning across North Texas and more since 2005. I have a thing for weddings; just being able to be there for someone and document the love and those special moments, witness the relationships and meet so many wonderful couples. I believe in the importance in getting to know my clients on a personal level, it helps me to make a connection and record their day just as they remember.

My passion was ignited the moment my best friend came to me and asked if I could shoot her big day. I jumped at the offer and have never had a single regret. I witnessed so many emotions, so much love, and I was able to share it with them and gift them with ability to hold onto that day forever. Her wedding day now holds a special place in my heart — not only because I witnessed my best friend get married but the way I was pulled into those moments. My heart's had a different beat from that moment on, I've found my life's calling.

I take pride in bringing the same passion into all weddings I take on. I treat each and every event as if I'm capturing the details of my very own. I want to always be able to guarantee that I've done my best work and caught all the memories that are important to you, both the ones now and the ones that will be there well into the future.

If you want a photographer who will take the upmost care in capturing every moment, one that will care about the big day just as much as you do, even shed a tear at the ceremony, then I'm your photographer.

Seth is more of a photojournalistic photographer. He loves actions, nature, landscapes, sports and more. With him by my side you will get a rounded out view of your wedding story. He is excellent and capturing the moments that happen throughout your day with a unique and creative view. Taught by the best, (me, haha), he is very talented and continues to amaze me with his skills and knowledge. He's funny, great at making kids laugh, or grooms.

One of our favorite things to do is travel, any which way we can! We love exploring and hiking and taking photos all along the way. Come join us and be a part of our adventure!

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