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What's Next

Last Friday while my lovely momma and my sweet husband were setting up and doing all the hard work to put my booth together (post coming soon!) for the KFDX Bridal Market I traveled with four amazing ladies to Dallas for the What's Next Tour with Justin and Mary Marantz.  We had lunch at Pete's Cafe in Farmers Branch - you must go there, make a special trip just for the food, it was that GOOD! I had Thanksgiving dinner all over again, and I enjoyed every single calorie of it. I did juice my breakfast that morning, that helps balance out the calories right? Of course it does!

The first portion was over "What's Next" for me and my business. It was about letting go of those fears and stepping out on a limb to figure out and take the next step toward acheiving your goals. Mary talked about her story which is soooo inspiring, and the fears and steps she has taken and those her and her husband Justin are working towards.  She also shared some of what she does to make their business better and their lives. After Mary's portion Justin spoke on lighting. From the basics to the more complicated how to and it was pretty inspiring to see how easy it could be to create beautiful well lit images. I plan to add more lighting to my images to help take them to the next level, especially indoors. By the end of the night I was exhausted both mentally and physically. I'm sure it will take some time to sort out all the information we learned but I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend.

They have a tour bus with their faces on the side! How cool is that?!

So here are the amazing photographer friends I was with. Devon, Meegan, Misty, and Kelly.

And here we are with the lovely Mary Marantz.



Christmas Recap!

I am going backwards in recapping missed blog posts. Soon I will get to our Cruise and then to Thanksgiving eventually. I really wanted to write this post to say how important it is to take years family portraits of your family. They may be horrible, badly lit, in unmatching clothes. But who cares??? These photos are for you and your family and future generations! I am so glad that even since I purchased my first digital SLR camera (a Canon Rebet XT!!!) that I took the time to corall my family into a photo together because if not, we wouldn't have ANY photos of us all together ever!

This year my tripod was missing from my car (Seth!!!) and I had forgotten my remote but we still managed to get some photos! I used boxes on top of tables or chairs to set my camera on this year and used the built in self-timer and my flash to get these photos. However, having a cheap tripod and a wireless remote would have come in handy. I highly urge you to pick these two items up and leave them in your bag or car for all sort of family gatherings!

The first two photos are of my Dad's side of the family. The first one is with my parents. I take mostly after my dad but I am soooooo thankful for getting my mom's nose!!

This was at Seth's side of the family. We wore our cute ugly Christmas sweaters! I am sooo proud of Seth's mom! She is looking AMAZING after loosing 100 lbs! Inspiration to us for sure!



Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone rang in the new year the way they wanted to! We partied at a friends house, but I'm also partial to sitting on the couch with a loved one to watch the ball drop and napping. New year's day followed with a bad crepe recipe, running out of eggs, a long nap, a Bewitched marathon, and going to see the Hobbit with Seth. It was a great day! I haven't made a list of resolutions yet and I'm not sure if I will, or if I will just continue to work on the goals I already have set in my head. I've heard that writing your goals down helps you attain them faster, or at all. What are you doing for your new year resolutions or goals??