Soozie is an artist, I met her at Midwestern State University when I was working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is the sweetest person and I think yellow really describes her personality. She is just full of life! However, I didn't know what to expect from Kenny, and I only met him on their wedding day. He was quiet at first, didn't smile real big, but then I got him to laugh for real when I mentioned something about him making Soozie wait forever for a ring! You should see the two of them together. They were so happy and into each during the ceremony that you could tell it was meant to be.

Kenny actually made these for their wedding! Isn't that awesome.I love how emotional and happy everyone was when Soozie's sorority sisters sang to her. I think they all shed a tear but it was a happy moment!Soozie kinda set the girls up, she tossed a bunch of bouquets instead of one! Wedding Coodinator - Diana Schrodes

Cake - Kathy's Bakery

DJ - Larry Perez