Jessica and I have a long history so I was really excited to be a part of her day. We went to elementary, middle, junior high, and part of high school together. We hadn't seen or talked much since we attended Sherman High School, but I knew the moment her mom gave me a bear hug it would be a great day. Our parent's went to school together and my grandmother taught Jessica's mom. We have spent countless afternoon at each others houses and most likely got into trouble together, but I like to overlook those times. I met Anthony the day of the wedding, but it didn't take long for me to see how great they are together. The way Jessica smiles ear to ear and the rest of the world seams to float away. How Anthony only really smiles for her. They are perfect together. Jessica and Anthony were married on April 1st, which happens to be her grandmothers anniversary. The day was beautiful. The ceremony took place in Trenton, TX at the First Methodist Church and the reception was held at the Katy Depot in Denison, TX.  Many thanks to Mary for second shooting with me! It was great to be back in (or near) my hometown of Sherman, Texas to photograph a wedding of a dear friend!

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