If you don't remember I photographed Kathryn and Nathan's wedding back in June. This is her brother, Derek. He sent me an email after Kathryn and Nathans engagements and booked me for this wedding almost a year ago. I hadn't even met Derek and Melanie until last spring! I'm so thankful to be a part of the Schaab's family weddings again and to meet Melanie's family as well. They had the wedding at Melanie's parents house. The ceremony was at this amazing arbor built specifically for family weddings. And it's pretty darn stunning. This wedding is probably one I will always remember not because of how beautiful and green everything was or the amazing reception they set up at their house or even the ceremony (which I found myself crying a bit through). I will probably remember this wedding because of how perfect Derek and Melanie are for each other and together. It just shows when they are near each other, like the strongest magnets you can find they pull towards each other, and if you can't see it in Melanie's smile you can see it in Derek's eyes at the way he looks at her. If that's not enough, I wish you could hear the speechs and toasts to the couple by friends and family that weren't so sure anyone was quite good enough for either of them over and over again but they knew this was a perfect fit. I can't wait to see what the future holds for them both!


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