I'm going to catch up on my blogging backwards I guess. I have lots of weddings to show you and a few other sessions but I wanted to start out with my favorite product, the wedding albums! It's the final product a couple gets and it's the one thing that tells their story of their wedding day. I love watching each and every bride (and groom) look at their photos like they haven't seen them before! They can touch and feel and show it to family not just now but hopefully in 50 years! You can go to these links to see what their albums look like inside!

Justin & Cassidy

Manuel & Cheryl

Thomas & Andrea

Nathan & Kathryn

Here are the images of the outside of the albums. I love these, they are great quality and have super thick seamless pages, with imprinting on the side and a metal cameo on the front. As a little gift I added in a slipcover to help protect the album through the years.

Matching slipcover, I could have done the same as the album but thought the inverted was cool and it just makes the black stand out when it's inside.This is a fabric slipcover - I love both the leather and fabric options.Cheryl choose the matte black leather with a fun white iguana leather. (not real iguana!)Kathryn and Nathan choose a simple album but it was definitely one of my favorites with that large metal cameo on the side. Super stunning in person!Here you can see the size difference between the 10x10 and 12x12Andrea loves color and this blue was a perfect match with their wedding colors. I like the fun white metallic with it as well and I paired it with a matching blue slipcover.See, perfect match!!