I think I'm about as excited as I am nervous for this trip. It's my first time to Vegas and I'm going at it alone. Well, sort of alone. There are four other photogs from Wichita Falls heading that way but they are rooming together, and I'm rooming with people I don't know except from facebook! I'm pretty sure they are normal though, I hope ;) Why am I going? Well, not to party or to go to a casino. That's just not my thing, since I'm such a homebody. It's for WPPI (wedding portraits and photographers international) and ShowIt United (by the awesome company and people that run my website). There are so many truly amazing photographers speaking there that I'm get to hear and learn from. So many amazing photographers I hope to meet and become friends with and network with! AHHH! So excited! Plus, there is a tradeshow which I get to see all the awesome products out there.

So, just an FYI, I will be pretty much unavailable with limited internet and cell phone service while me and 16,000+ other photographers get together in Vegas!