I'm writing this in March as I go through the images we shot in Windthorst and Henrietta, Texas from Andrea's session for the first time because I didn't want to forget how I felt. I found myself grinning so much while going through these images that my eyes started to tear up. Yes - I'm a total sap - and I love photography and photographing people who aren't just beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. I think that's why I loved going through these images so much. Andrea is super sweet, freaks out just a hair when I get all up close and personal with my camera, and blinks about half the time; but the thing is, when she smiles and laughs and her eyes close, those are my favorite. Andrea, by the time you are reading this you will have already been wed to Thomas and I will have gotten to see his reaction to how amazing beautiful you look on your wedding day, but right now I can't wait to document that for you in just a few short months. Congrats!