So, I've been a "full time" photographer for a month now. It doesn't feel like it's been that long and I definitely haven't gotten anywhere near as much accomplished as I would like. I am finally getting a routine going but it's slow! I needed a break for a while and I finally have it just before the next 6 weddings happen. I'm trying to get my desk, office, and house organized so I may start some before and after blog posts. Yes, they will be embarassing to admit how messy I cam and how entropy has engulfed out house. It was pretty clean and organized just 6 months ago! What happened? Oh, traveling and photography and a husband who was a stay at home retiree.... ah! and because no post is very interesting without photos, here are a few...

Working from home on the front porch starting the mornings off right!

Enjoying flowers growing on the back patio Houdini sitting with me at the desk (he follows me everywhere, waits for me to go to bed and bugs me until I do, crazy cat) Most recent form of torture that has left me giggling every time I use my iPhone. He needed a bath :D