I'd love to fault Seth with all this mess, but most of it is me shoving things out of the way and just some of the mess is him trying to "help". This is just a fraction of why working a full time job and doing photography was stressing me out! I need my whole house cleaned and this week I have cleaned on my office some, but I figured it would help if I could get just one part of the house organized and cleaned out. So why not share my scary closet on the web for everyone to see? Here you go! (Oh, you know those fancy cameras and lenses I have? Yeah, you are getting iPhone photos instead because I think high quality photos might just be tooo scary) So. Welcome to our coat closet. I didn't actually tackle all of our coats and jackets yet. I actually have more to put in here and I'm really bad at throwing things away. Plus, until I get around to cleaning our main clothes closets there is zero room for coats. Anyway, exhbit A. the top portion of our closet with winter items, scarves, an empty Frye box I need to put my boots in for storage, and two cat beds (a tuna can and a fish).

Exhibit B. The bottom scary messy portion of our closet. Seth aparently chunked his robe in there one day and I've thrown a ton of shoes in there. See the teal thing hanging off the door at the bottom left hand side? That's my shoe organizer. I actually use this thing on a regular basis and keep about 80% of my shoes in here. The other 20% are in my clothes closet and barely see the light of day because they are heels. I would donate most of them, but I might need them! (I have a problem, I know. My mom tells me often. Hi mom!) So the goal is to keep most of our shoes in here. Our = 99% mine, 1% Seth. As well as keep our outerwear in here and large cleaning items like the mop, broom, and vacuum since those items just don't have a home anywhere else. Ready to see the finished closet? Here it is! The major changes were at the bottom. In all that mess I found our sprinkler we "lost" and just the other day I bought a replacement. A ton of trash, 2 pair of shoes to donate, items that need to go in my car, lots of bags, and more. I brought in a 3-drawer plastic storage thingy (yes, my husband hates that word and prepare for me to use it often). I loaded it up with shoes that aren't worn as often, and then put all my other often worn shoes and sandals on the door organizer. At the top I put all the scarves and gloves in the basket (I was going to wash them but saw no point because I would only wash them again before I wear them next winter. In the green laundry basker - oh that basket carried me from 2006 when I first moved away from home until now - sorry for the tangent guys, I'm a wee bit nostalgic over things - back to the laundry basket - it contains all the random bags I've collected over the years all in one place so if I need a bag for junk useful items I know where to go. They come in really handy on trips and if only I knew where they were last weekend! I think that covers it all. As I organize the rest of the house I may move things around, but one clean closet makes me feel great! Now I have to take care of the mess I left just outside the closet before I can go to bed. Ugh!