This holiday has never been very kind to me. I haven't haven't had many valentines because I was always the girl that dumped the guy when school started and nothing would happen again until the next summer. Then I met Seth right before school started in the hardest year and a half of my college career. I think my parents knew something was up even in the first few months because we dated through a full year of college and through a 4 month deployment. We've been married now for a year and a half, yet I still don't like Valentine's day. I'm much happier staying home with a movie and making dinner than going out in the crowds. Which is what we plan on doing this year!But, in honor of this day I must say Happy Valentine's day to my favorite two guys. Seth (my husband) and Houdini (my cat).

And because every post needs a photo, here are two lovely iPhone photos, like I don't own a real camera or anything... haha

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