I'm really excited to show you these next images!  I've known Mandy for a long time before Stephen was really in the picture, and Stephen for quite a while. We go to the same church in Sherman, Texas when I am home to see my family. It's been wonderful to see them grow into the couple they are today and to see them on their journey to adopt a child from Ethopia. It's been a long journey and they still have one a half years today until they hopefully get to meet their precious child!

I have wanted to help them on their journey and the best way I could think to do that was to use my gift and love for photography. I am holding mini sessions in Sherman as a sort of fundraiser. All proceeds go towards their adoption, every single penny! I will be back with more information on that Monday, but for now I wanted to show you the photographs I took of them at Mandy's parents home last weekend. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for them and to meet their child!

You can read more about their adoption story HERE and if you can't or live too far I know they would love anything your heart desires to give and you can donate using the PayPal Donate button on Mandy's blog.