I'm kinda bummed and I don't think it has really hit me that our friends are gone for 8+ months! Joe is deploying next month and so Brittney and the three boys moved up to Michigan to be with family during that time. I'm really glad they will get some quality time with family, but it's going to be lonely here at Freedom Estates without her! I'm going to miss these cute boys too. Before they left I wanted to make sure they had a few photos of the kids and them as a family. I think photos are priceless to have and reflect back on. I know when Seth was deployed I really enjoyed looking at photos of the two of us - so I be Joe will really enjoy seeing his family while he is gone too.

This session really shows how no family session is perfect! Isaiah - the youngest little red head was really trying me! He wouldn't look at the camera no matter what. I finally got a few shots of him, and the one where he is hugging Brittney's leg is my favorite!! wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0036.jpg wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0037.jpg wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0038.jpg wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0039.jpg wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0040.jpg wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0041.jpg wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0042.jpg wichita-falls-photographer-family-and-portraits_0043.jpg