Meet Lindsey and Westin. Two high school sweethearts. We took these on Super Bowl Sunday because, well, I didn't know it was the Super Bowl! But Westin was a trooper and we finished up just when the game started. Lindsey was also great, dealing with the high winds that were gusting and messing up her hair. I think she rocked it though. So many models need fans blowing to get this look, well, she pulled it off wonderfully and looks pretty model like to me! Looking for a nail polish color that will look great with everything? Go nude! I didn't notice until going through the photos, but Lindsey's nails are beautiful in that color!Remember the wind? Yeah, it pretty much showed up when Westin look at Lindsey. Some kind of sign they are meant for each other. See, Westin looking at camera = no wind, Westin looking at Lindsey = super model hair on Lindsey!

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