In July I managed to lose my engagement ring. Somewhere in the span of a week it went missing. I wasn't wearing it often because of a bad eczema break out, and I thought I had put it on my nightstand, but the last time Seth or I remember seeing it was on the kitchen counter. Lesson #1 have ring or trinket holders everywhere! In the kitchen and bedroom and bathroom! Lesson #2 Have special Personal Property Insurance and a valid appraisal. Thankfully we had an appraisal and insurance that fully covered a replacement ring with no deductible. Lesson #3 diamond and ring values are a very finicky thing. Lesson #4 nothing can replace an heirloom.

PSA: When looking for insurance, I'd suggest the first place to look is your homeowner's or renter's insurance company. You want each expensive item itemized on a policy with complete replacement that covers loss and theft. I would highly suggest reading through and checking to see exactly what is covered if you have a policy now. Insurance is different than a warranty, most warranties only cover damage or breakage, not lost stones or completely losing the ring. It doesn't cost much per month, and it's totally worth it. Had we not had this I would not have been able to get a ring anywhere close to what I had! 

The stone in my ring was from my Great Aunt's ring. I have the two side stones still but the diamond was special to me because it belonged to my Great Aunt, and Great Uncle. They were like an extra set of grandparents to me although I don't really remember my Great Aunt because she passed away from cancer when I was just two. I think it was more special and I was even more emotionally attached because Seth wears my Great Uncles ring, so they were sort of a matched pair. 

For our wedding Seth had a wooden band, which didn't last a year, but at the time we thought he had a metal allergy to everything. Thankfully gold doesn't bother him, so he can wear a metal ring now, but we had this wooden ring made for him. Here are our rings from our wedding day!

Photo by Meegan Weaver

Photo by Meegan Weaver

Photo by Meegan Weaver

Photo by Meegan Weaver

So once we had searched the whole house and the trash and every place we could think of I finally decided it was time to accept that it was lost. Maybe one day we might find it, but I doubt it. So I contacted our insurance company, and my emotional attachment made it much harder to go through the process. But our insurance company found and mailed us a beautiful diamond that had just slightly better specs than my stone did. They offered to get the same setting I had but to me, it would just be a constant reminder that the ring was a replacement, and not my 'real' ring so I opted for them to send me a check and that's when I started the process of finding a ring I loved!

Lesson #5 - there is a reason why the guy is supposed to pick and buy the ring! 

There are sooooooo many options out there! When we first bought my engagement ring setting I really wanted a halo setting but it was out of the budget. So this time around I knew I wanted something halo-esque but not exactly a halo. I think being a wedding photographer and getting to see and photograph so many beautiful rings made this process even harder because I wanted something different! I also fell in love with the idea of having Sapphires on my ring. I started my search and saved every ring I saw, I found a few I loved as is but they weren't quite right. 

When I had finally figured out what I wanted. I went to Nacol's (they are the BEST). We have had any repairs to our jewlery made there, it's where we bought my oringinal ring and setting, and Robbie mentioned to me that Gabriel & Co., the company that made my original ring, does custom designs. So I took Robbie all the photos, and told her that I would like to have the band of the ring match my original and my bands. She sent it all into Gabriel & Co. They then sent back a drawing which was perfect! They also sent a little video so I could see all the angles in a 3D rendering. After that I had to wait..... 

Finally my ring arrived and Nacol's set the diamond for us and made sure it was perfect! During this time Nacol's also re-did the prongs on Seth's ring because the diamonds were loose. Several years ago they also redid the shank on his ring. My Great Uncle had worn the ring out pretty much! He always had it on except when he was working in his garden. I'm so thankful that we were blessed wtih beautiful heirlooms.