When I think of my memories of this wedding it's hard to put those thoughts into words. Jackie and Dustin had a quick by some standards courtship, they met online like Seth and I did and things just clicked. Jackie had waited so long for the right man to come along, and finally everything happened at the right time and place. During the speeches one common mention was how Dustin's groomsmen didn't know Jackie very well and how Jackie's bridesmaids didn't know Dustin very well. But they knew that if Jackie was special enough for Dustin, and vice versa, then it was meant to be. 

From the scripture engraved in Dustin's wedding band to the video before the ceremony of Dustin and Jackie talking to their guests about how important the commitment they were about to make was to them their wedding day was full of meaning and special touches. Jackie worked so hard putting everything together, she hand crafted the bouquets and boutonnieres, she put together all the decor, to make everything just perfect for their wedding day, the day they chose to become one. 

The wedding was held at Hollow Hill in Weatherford, where the owner was this kind man who drove us around the property to find the perfect spot for their first look where Dustin and Jackie started their day with a prayer together. Then they were married in the barn, and had a awesome set up with a photo booth and root beer and popcorn in old town, and they sat down with their guests for dinner in the dining room and then moved back to the barn to dance the afternoon away until their guests sent them off with airplanes to their honeymoon. It was a beautiful day.