Becca contacted me to do their engagements the weekend of Thanksgiving, when it was blizzarding outside with freezing rain and snow and just totally horribly yucky. So we decided to do it when she came back to visit Cody for Christmas and New Years... and it turned cold and yuck and rainy and snowed again! I kept telling her I was so sorry and that it wasn't just because she was here! So we decided to see what the week after Christmas was like and it didn't warm up like it was supposed or get sunny and the one day Cody didn't have to work and we could do it, it was freezing outside and windy! She was a total trooper and didn't let it bother her, which how could it when she was with Cody! Man the way he looks at her! I just loved getting to know these two and traipsing all over base New Years even with Seth because he knew where we could and couldn't go. It was so much fun! I hope that these two have a happy marriage and get to see the world together! 

Oh, one other note, Becca had a whole pinterest board of inspiration for cute military engagement photos so we had a blast recreating them and at first I thought it was cheesy, but you know what, I LOVE them so much! So thanks Becca for giving me a challenge!