I love this bridal session sooooooo much that I'm splitting it into two posts. I'm afraid if I don't and these go at the bottom because they were the last shots I took that you might never see them and that makes me sad. So, I'm putting these into their own post and posting it first!! We started Alaina's bridal session in Mckinney, Texas at Chestnut Square (which I will post tomorrow) and we weren't sure if we needed to or had the time to drive over to this place her mom had mentioned, we almost didn't, and well, I'm soooooo glad we did! I have heard of Bella Donna Chapel but had never seen the area it's in called Adriatica Village. I seriously didn't know this place existed. Now I do and I love it. It's just perfect and we had a beautiful sky and we just barely missed the pink sunset because we were hiking to the top of the hill and just didn't make it in time, but we got some amazing skies. I pulled out my flashes (which I don't normally do, but I will from now on because it's about the only way to get that sky!). I'm seriously in love with these, those without the flash and those with. I'm in love with Alaina's dress and her bouquet which was done by Holly Viles (she's amazing! she did a fantastic job at their wedding, I'd totally recommend her, just go look at her website and you will see what I mean, gorgeous gorgeous stuff, and her bouquet held up amazingly well in the heat, yeah, I'm in love with Holly and she just doesn't even know it yet!). Anyways, I hope you enjoy and check back tomorrow for the rest of Alaina's bridal portraits! adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0198.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0199.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0200.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0201.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0202.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0203.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0204.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0205.jpg adriactica-village-bella-donna-chapel-mckinney-texas-wedding-photographer-sherman-northtexas-bridal-portraits-photography_0206.jpg